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Hmong Live Videos

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Hmong Live brings important topics to the viewers with interviews and discussions with people from all walks of life. The show airs on Mondays to Fridays at 6PM PST  and  Saturdays at 11AM PST.


Hmong Live is hosted by several of the Hmong TV Network hosts. Here is the schedule of hosts and the particular topics covered during each show.



Mondays: 6PM PST

Host: Zoov Keeb Vaj & Nplaj Neeb Hawj
Topics Covered: Various health and medical topics


Tuesdays: 6PM PST

Hosts: TBA
Topics Covered: TBA


Wednesdays: 6PM PST

Host: Npuag Cawv Vaj & Neej Fwm Vaaj
Topics Covered: Education


Thursdays: 6PM PST

Hosts: Niam Vam Tub Lis & Niam Nom Vaj Thoj
Topics Covered: Hmong women and being a role model


Fridays: 6PM PST

Hosts: Txawj Teeb Yaj
Topics Covered: Hmong culture and society

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